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WOMEN'S 3/4 CROP TEE - OntarioSwimHub


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The Arena women's 3/4 Crop Tee has an unconventional silhouette. It has cropped flared sleeves with a logo stripe detail that hovers beyond the cuff, a tapered bodice, and boat neckline. In keeping with the athleisure style of this top, it's made from a technical mesh fabric and has a raised patch on the hem. Wear with a high-rise skirt or trousers for contrast.


The Arena Icons collection returns with garments that combine history and innovation, interpreting the new vibrations of urban culture. The inspiration of the line has its roots in the past, taking its cue from the Olympic champions who over time have become real legends, but is projected towards the future, riding on trends and addressing the new metropolitan generations, always at the forefront and up to date.